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Prepare to thrive in your future!


When you reach middle age, you start to think about what you can do with your life once the kids have moved out, or once you retire. Maybe you never want to retire and you want to start that business you always dreamed about, or go  back to school, or travel, or a million other things. What have you always wanted to do with your life? And why are you really here? 

Or maybe you're in a situation right now where you have been forced into a sort of retirement because of a layoff. This can be frightening and overwhelming because- now what are you going to do? How can you compete with younger people to find work? You have options and I can address those with you and help you to feel hopeful.

Retirement, whether it's from a career or life as a homemaker, is very different from the life you have lived before. At first, it may feel like the most glorious break. No alarm clocks, no schedules, no boss. All the freedom you think you want. After a time, six months, one year, two years, you realize there are A LOT of hours in every day. You might feel overwhelmed. You might feel you no longer have a reason to get out of bed everyday. Possibly boredom sets in. Possibly depression. But how can this be when you wait so long to get to this point in your life? A lot of it has to do with purpose. Or in this case, a lack of purpose.


If you haven't been living a life that feels purposeful, or if you're frustrated because you don't know what your calling in life is, or you can't get back into the job market now that you're out, I want to help you find the answers. Successful retirement takes planning and balance. It requires assessing and balancing your needs.


Your journey begins from examination of your self, but a coach can lead you and set you on the path to success. I'm here to help you. Are you ready?


How do many of the most successful people in the world arrive at their goals? They use a coach! Whether it's an athlete, an aspiring artist or an executive, a dedicated coach can make a difference in whether a person hits their target. And what is your target as you move into the second half of your life?


Of course, you have your own ideas of a perfect future but here are common needs that everyone should aim for that lead to a happier second half of life.

  • Feeling Needed/Appreciated

  • Feeling Connected to Others

  • Feeling Spiritual

  • Living Healthfully

  • Expressing Your Purpose(s)


If you can incorporate all of these points, multiple studies have shown that your life can be of a higher and healthier quality than if you don't incorporate them. Many people need help defining their goals and preparing the steps to achieve them. That's where a good coach comes in. That's where I come in. Let's work together to help you love your new life! In order for me to help you, the first thing I have to do is try to understand you. I really want to understand what you are facing and envisioning and missing.

I am a certified retirement coach and I have been able to help many explore new directions in their lives. Sometimes it is difficult to see your own talents and skills so that you can apply them in a way that you'll love. I am able to do that and I truly enjoy it! In  fact, I have designed a tool to make this discovery process very thorough and clear. Let's work together to make your life the best!

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Discovering your true purpose is  the key to your happiness.