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About Kim

Kim Shea has been involved in the field of geriatrics and helping seniors for 21 years.  She is a retirement coach and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Masters of Advanced Studies in Leadership of Healthcare Organizations from UC San Diego.

Kim is the owner/president of Aging Purposefully, a retirement coaching practice that she launched in 2018.  After taking on her first caregiving assignment in 2003, Kim’s interest in helping others find their purpose was piqued.  She realized how transformational it is for someone to feel needed and engaged in life especially after they reach retirement.  Kim is also the president and administrator of an adult psychology practice, which gives her first-hand practical insight into the needs of seniors.  Previously, Kim served as a caregiver and activities director for a local nursing home.  


Kim coaches individuals and is especially helpful in coaching couples who might not otherwise talk about their expectations in retirement.  She serves clientele in all areas of San Diego County but can also provide coaching through online conferencing with anyone regardless of their location.  

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