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I am a huge fan of the Joy for All Companion Pets and have been for years. I have two live dogs and a live cat but if I couldn't have real animals I would have one of these robotic cats in every color along with a robotic dog.

I have one in my office and she's very sweet. I'm really impressed with the technology that went into this design. When I pet her, she purrs, meows, and licks her paw but you can mute the pets if you prefer. The cat will still purr quietly and move when you pet it, though.

These were designed with older people in mind who have memory issues, although, if you like toy animals as I do, this is an adorable one to have.


Another reason I love this product is that pets can provide people with a sense of purpose but real pets can be challenge for people with cognitive issues. These pets are sturdy and cannot be accidentally harmed by a person with cognitive decline or be neglected from lack of attention. They are simply ready whenever the owner wants to interact. 

I do get a small compensation if you buy a Joy for All Companion Pet from the link below but I wanted to recommend them to you for yourself or a loved one because they are so lovely. As a bonus for you, there's a 10%-off code below, so check them out!

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